Volume 1,No.1, March 2011

Title Jeans’s Criterion Using Various Cosmological Terms
Author Dirk K. Callebaut View

Title Various aspects of the global solar cycle and the possible approach of a small ice age
Author Dirk K. Callebaut View

Title Size Effect of Diagonal Random Matrices
Author A.A. Abul-Magd, A.Y. Abul-Magd View

Title Applications of the Collective Model to Some Axially Symmetric Deformed Even-Even Nuclei
Author S. B. Doma, M. M. Amin, H. S. El-Gendy and Kh. A. Kharroube View

Title The Deformation Structure of the Even-Even p- and s-d Shell Nuclei
Author S. B. Doma, K. A. Kharroube, A. D. Tefiha, and H. S. El-Gendy View

Title Analytical Expressions for Some Outer Product Isoscalar Factors
Author M. M. Hammad View

Title Antenna Effect on Biorthogonal Pulses Using Modified Hermit Polynomials for UWB Communications
Author Dr. Amr A. Eltaher (1), Dr. Ahmed M. Sarhan (2) View

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